The Y-List

Here’s the unfinished list for my goals for the Y-List. Things will further pop up when I remember them.

As you recall, I have to complete all these tasks to consider myself an X-list Celebrity.


Perform at the Philippine Fiesta 2010
Perform at the Philippine Fiesta 2011

Post 100 YouTube Videos
Have a combination of 2500 views on YouTube
Have one video with 750 views on YouTube
Write and perform 2 original songs on YouTube

Post 50 SingSnap songs
Have a combination of 200 views on SingSnap
Have one video with 100 views on SingSnap

Have 25 Fans on Facebook

Tweet 1500 Times
Have 100 Followers on Twitter


Have 225 Playstation Trophies
Have 15 Top 100 Neopets Rankings.
Have 15 Mochi? Rankings.
Have 5 Top 100 Rankings on Rock Band 3 (for Vocals)

Work Related

Have 50 Posts on BlogCritics.Org


Become a member of Coaster Fanatics
Become a member of ACE
Become a member of D23


Own 3 Project Runway Dresses from Season 9
Own 20 Limited Edition Disney Pins
Own 5 Signed American Idol Cards

Giving Back

Join Kiva and donate $25
Donate $25 to the WWF (not the WWE)
Sponsor a Panda

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