The Fame Tracker Project

What is The Fame Tracker Project?

In the real world people would create Bucket Lists in hopes that they could accomplish all the things they want to do before they die. Bucket Lists clearly are for people that don’t want to be famous. Those people accept that they will never be a star. Instead I have created my own personal “Fame Tracker” as an alternative to the traditional Bucket List. Sure, I still probably want to go zip lining across trees or ride a horse down a dusty trail, but I’m sure there are celebrities out there that do that on their spare time.

I’m one of those people that Google my name and smile when the results are actually of/about me. My name is not totally uncommon in the Filipino world so when another Michael Pascua shows up on the internet, I crinkle my nose and wonder how I could take up the top spots of Google.

So how am I defining the Fame Tracker project? Well, I want to list down a number of things that I think will make me a star. I’m working on a variation of the Alphabet-list celebrity. In my head, anyone who is alive and said hi to the local market worker is a Z-List celebrity. The question is how high on the list can I get? In my Y-list of accomplishments, things seem a lot smaller and also tasks are tailored to me. I mean there are A-list actors out there that don’t dare touch a paintbrush or a microphone. As I (hopefully) progress higher on the list, tasks will be more difficult. Will I be satisfied with just being a T-List celebrity? Can being a P-List celebrity allow me speaking gigs? Thus is the challenge of the Fame Tracker project.

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