Apparently I’m so nice to Korean guests that I get free spicy ramen.

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There’s the making of a photobooth in the middle of our living room.

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Hey all my friends on Facebook! On behalf of Marker Topp, I wanted extend a warm invitation to our Wedding Ceremony. It’s going to be on September 27th at the Crossings of Colonie and since it’s in the park we can hold a decent number of people. The Ceremony should start at 1PM so if you have the time, we’d love to have you come on by to celebrate. Since it is at the gazebo at the park, we are pretty much standing room only. Mark and I are still finalizing our reception attendees. We wanted to keep the reception intimate, but I still have a few seats left on my side if my mom (Estela Pascua) doesn’t have any last minute invitations to give, so if you are interested and can be in the Albany area on the 27th, send me a message, I should be able to squeeze you in. We have a handful of hotel room spaces remaining. Again, thanks for the support and likes on our engagement photos. Even if you can’t make it, lots of photos will be up on FB and our website for everyone to enjoy. ♥ Paz

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Hey look, an engagement photo. Thanks Mike Koff!

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I totally forgot to post this earlier, but I did really well at the Saratoga county fair. Maybe it was beginner’s luck.

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Note to self: consider google translate before making assumptions.

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