Oh you know, just experiencing magical snow instead of shoveling real snow.

That moment when you realize that you never uploaded those Disney photos.

The problem with me trying to clean my room in Yonkers is that I start walking down memory lane. Like these pictures from 2008 / Jam Asia.

Last panorama before we go home. :/

I’d say about 95% of the time, I lose in Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.

Patiently waiting for fireworks.

I jist wanted to take the time to thank everyone for their birthday wishes. Although the trip getting to Disney was really tough, Mark and I made it down and are finally relaxing for a change.

Let’s just ignore the fact that Florida has me profusely sweating.

Actually having a day off.

Having my moment of zen for the day.

So I don’t know why, but my hair is extra curly today. I recall that when my mother’s hair was extra curly, it was when she was the most crazy. I guess don’t challenge me today.

Our date for the day.

You know I’m really #thankful and #grateful when guests think of little ol’ me. One guest realized i played the #ukulele and got me this @snark_official #ukuleletuner. Honestly, I never had one and used either an app or youtube. Now I can be a little more…pitch perfect.

Apparently we are #teambride? Congratulations I guess…

Whenever I pay cash at a Starbucks I pick a different name. At the moment, I’m going by Dalton. #chaitealatte

It’s always nice to know that there are good people out there that appreciate your help. I just got a free #redvelvetcheesecake from #thecheesecakefactory from a guest that was impressed that I remembered his name. #greatful #memorytest #sofattening

A guest gave me a whole ton of scallions as a thank you for giving him a toothbrush. Not exactly the green I was hoping for.

I gotta love our long termers. One bought us dinner and another just baked cookies for us. It smells like maple syrup. #grateful #andfat

Fun with upside down!

That moment that you notice that this photo was uploaded 7 years ago and now Marker Topp and I have swapped hair length. Is this really 7 years ago?

My #Sixflags #seasonpass from about two years ago on the left and the one I got today. They still use the same bad camera. It makes it look like outside the hair growth, not much has changed. The cards are much flimsier now.

Riding the Comet was like seeing a friend that you haven’t seen in quite a while. I think I made a good decision with the season pass.