It’s like the Paz signature. A #butterfly that hovers around the #christmastree. Because sometimes you need to think outside of the tree.

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Here’s wishing that everyone is having a devilishly good #Halloween #ImAtWork #ialsohaveatail

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We made it to Oh Bar so I’m happy.

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How cute, couples costumes

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Just a little shopping.

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See, we’re actually paving the driveway. And by “we” I mean I’m at work posting photos of people we hired to pave the driveway.

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Someone’s wandering around campus.

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A handful more panoramic views today before I go home. Here is disney springs during the day.

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One last 360 photo before the last official day in Florida. We had dinner at Cape May and caught illuminations on the bridge. I always liked the view of the Boardwalk at night.

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Here’s a panoramic view of the Carousel section of Saratoga Springs. I laugh because the horses have protective plastic so people won’t sit on them

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I guess this is a good time to test out the whole panoramic view on facebook. Here is epcot tonight.

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How a 30 year old is celebrating his birthday. With Baymax!

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Just before the rain started to pour. But it cleared up. #dannyphantom #mickeysnotsoscaryhalloweenparty

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Mark and I are trying out 16 different coke flavors, number 8 is the dreaded Beverly.

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I don’t know what tomorrow will bring at Universal Studios, but I definitely had fun at the Polynesian Resort.

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Found this picture of my mom, sister, and I circa 1992 (I was 6) at Epcot. It’s gonna be about a week when I’m back there celebrating the big 3-0.

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It took John about five minutes to realize that I was inadvertently following him down Western Ave. But he eventually turned around and said hi.

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Omg, genius #Pokemongo strategy. #Plannedparenthood dropped a lure here and as people walked by, they gave out free condoms. And dental dams, but I don’t use those.

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