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It took John about five minutes to realize that I was inadvertently following him down Western Ave. But he eventually turned around and said hi.

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Omg, genius #Pokemongo strategy. #Plannedparenthood dropped a lure here and as people walked by, they gave out free condoms. And dental dams, but I don’t use those.

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Had a great night tonight. Karaoke can really help de-stress.

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This cute bird family lives in the bush right by my front door. That basically means I can’t take off my Christmas lights without disturbing them. I will say, there’s at least two eggs in there and I’m excited to see them hatch. #frontyard #nesting

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Southwest night. #FakeCowboy #WhatIGetToWearAtWork

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Of course I had to ride the classic carousel.

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Quick selfie before we go home.

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Having a good time at the installation dinner.

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Us in front of the new house!

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Now with slightly edgy haircut.

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A wilderness explorer is a friend to all, be a plant or fish or tiny mole! #Halloween #Up

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This polar bear is gonna be a 2 year olds present later today!

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Congratulations to Alex and Kiernan!

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Spoilers: Alex’s wedding hall is really pretty.

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This girl right behind me looks just like one of the doctoral students from my masters program, but it doesn’t make sense to me that she’d be here. And I mean, she looks Korean. Am I being stereotypical? #isthatyouHyreim

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Because who doesn’t love a jumping photo. Though you can’t really see that on the right foot. Oh well…

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