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I’m not sure how much either of us were of help at trivia.

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Trivia night.

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Valentines getaway.

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Really excited I found this at Goodwill today, it’s not in the best condition but I’ll put in a little bit of amateur restoration skills on it.

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Well then…i think I’m gonna lose to iron man. Yay gimmicks.

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Mmm…lugaw for lunch. Haven’t made this in forever.

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More like senor Paz

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Apparently at the only gay bar in Westchester County. Just needed to unwind before making it home. It’s bingo Tuesday so I’m listening to a drag queen try making O74 a funny joke.

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It’s that time of year again where I work on the home made expansion pack of our Cards Against Humanity set.

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Fire alarms during training. Selfie boredom.

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Hey look the origin of Kevin’s profile picture.

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Note John’s “cake” expression on the right. My favorite.

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