Hey friends who are still in Jam Asia. Can anyone help me out and ask any current members if I can display a dress or two from my personal collection of authentic #ProjectRunway dresses for museum night? This one is one of Kini’s. I’ll bring everything I need with me, no costs.

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Here’s a #ThrowbackTuesday photo (because I’m too impatient for Thursday). It’s me back in 2007 during my WFNP college radio days. Still felt like just a few days ago I’d spend a few hours on a Sunday doing my show.

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I really have to get out and take some more photos now that the weather claims to be “spring”

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I’m not sure how much either of us were of help at trivia.

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Trivia night.

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Valentines getaway.

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Really excited I found this at Goodwill today, it’s not in the best condition but I’ll put in a little bit of amateur restoration skills on it.

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Well then…i think I’m gonna lose to iron man. Yay gimmicks.

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Mmm…lugaw for lunch. Haven’t made this in forever.

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More like senor Paz

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