Had a great night hanging out with Naomi Proctor-Phillip. This girl knows how to roll down the river.

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The wonderful vocals of Mike. Yep, I had an extra day of karaoke this week. Yay!

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Got my split ends trimmed off and decided to grab my #chaitealatte but I have no clue what else I’m doing today. I guess I’ll wander the #CrossgatesMall mall until I get some ideas. #dayoff

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Miss you Kimber Clemens

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Just to prove that I am a man of my word. I’m home alone and having a rocking time #rockband #jamaicanwine #butwhostakingthepicture #nosleevesduringwinter

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New photo, who’s this? Heh, just testing out a new shirt.

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I haven’t had #dinner here in such a long time.

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I guess it’s time to officially say goodbye to my 2005 Corolla. It’s been a fun run, ranging from intentionally running over cones with girl jordan, squeezing 7 people into the car for a winter College Diner run, my first date with Marker Topp where we got lost in Poughkeepsie and looked at cows, to the impressive feat of fitting a 60″ Samsung flat screen TV (to Mark’s embarrassment ) into the trunk and backseat. It’s been 10+ years and I guess I finally killed you. It’s been a blast to spend my 20s with my Corolla and I’ll still highly recommended it for younger kids because they can take a lot of abuse. But it’s time.

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Cleaning out my car and found my four #sunynewpaltz parking tags. Awww, memories.

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You know what? I’m good with being ranked second on #EdgeofGlory on #rockband . Go me. #happynewyear

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Also mumps…gross.

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That moment when you realize you still don’t want to pay that much for a New Paltz t shirt. Or stand in line with kids buying textbooks.

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It’s not everyday that you can say the sentence, “Why is there Ben Delacreme’s dress on a dress form in our living room?” But this is something that Marker Topp has learned to accept by marrying me. #museumofrealitytv #dragrace

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Hanging with the co-workers.

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I’ve been trying my best to get a ring-light style photo. You know, the one where you see the ring light in your eyes. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. But that doesn’t mean I still like the way a handful of the photos turned out.

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Let’s just say that whoever has my #SecretSanta this year, I picked up stuff from one of my favorite stores #lush because it’s #PazApproved . #ThatsNotAll

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It’s like the Paz signature. A #butterfly that hovers around the #christmastree. Because sometimes you need to think outside of the tree.

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