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– One of the biggest things that I am is a collector of things. Not a hoarder, but I’ve always had a thing for collecting things. When I was a kid it was comic books and pogs. And Beanie Babies. I still have a ton of those in a box somewhere hoping that it will have a value. Alas. I collect Disney Pins and have started a YouTube page for it: PazPins.

My Fashion Sensibilities

I love my hot glue gun. That being said, I only recently learned that hot glue strings can be killed by a hair drier. I would have saved so much time and stress. Anywho. I’ve designed several scenes for New Paltz’s Jam Asia that while I’m partially impressed by, I’m also kinda embarrassed about as well. They are kinda like my children in design, so I always wished for the best.

Here’s a great commentary track I made with my friend Emily for my 2010 scene:

Here are some photos that I took from various places. I will say a few things really quickly before getting to the photos:
1) I know Photoshop and some pictures are slightly altered (usually the B&W ones)
2) I have an odd aesthetic, but it’s appealing to me.
So here you go.

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