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America’s Next Top Model: Diary Stealing Fun

Wasn’t it really unfair that during the America’s Next Top Model CoverGirl challenge one of the teams was given the task of defining “Bold and Colorful Eyes” when the other two had “Night” and “Day?” There were several words that I would have accepted: “Sunday Brunch,” “9 to 5,” or even “Day/Formal” to counteract the […]

America’s Next Top Model: Here’s The Latest Rankings

Brittani Current Ranking: 1 Previous Ranking: 3 Although she didn’t get the first call-out by Tyra, Brittani has provided the most consistency of all the girls. Though I’m not a fan of her anti-Alexandria position, she still went through and modeled really well. Read the full article at RTVC!

Palate Cleanser of the Day

Here’s a video to wash all the Rebecca Black offa you. Sure, I love me a good Panda video, but what many don’t realize is that I also appreciate Red Pandas. Snow is fun isn’t it?