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Glee Recap: Mash Off

  Puck is in love with Shelby Corcoran. It doesn’t feel as unrealistic because of how old Mark Salling looks, but none-the-less we’re reminded that Puck is “eighteen” and not 29. He rocks out to “Hot for Teacher” and it was accented by a dance sequence by Blaine and Mike; I think the emphasis is […]

‘Dancing with the Stars’ Recap: Week 8 Performances (Instant Choreography)

(Image via ABC) We’re finally at the point where the contestants have to deal with two dances and we met the return of the Instant Dance. The Instant Dance is themed to Jive this year, so I’m convinced they are trying to get someone to fall from not knowing choreography. Will anyone rise to the […]

‘Food Network Star’ recap – Comedy Roast

Read the full article here at The Celebrity Cafe! ‘Food Network Star’ recap – Comedy Roast

‘Food Network Star’ recap: ‘Ina Garten and Rachael Ray’

[Food Network Star season 7, episode 8] After last week’s double elimination, Whitney could see that Jyll was still frazzled. The contestants packed their bags and headed to New York. They arrived at Chelsea Piers and were greeted by Bobby Flay and the Barefoot Contessa herself, Ina Garten. She explained to the contestants that their […]

‘Food Network Star’ Recap: ‘Cougar Town and Paula Deen’

[Food Network Star – Season 7 Episode 4] Justin D. felt like a failure because his confidence wasn’t showing after the last few weeks. The contestants walked in to Melissa, winner of season five. She announced that the Camera Challenge was to make a small appetizer with a Kellogg’s product as a main ingredient. Each […]

Expedition Impossible – Episode 1 Review + Rankings

Expedition Impossible Recap: Sun! Sand! Sahara! In the premiere episode of Expedition Impossible we meet the 13 teams of three (39 people?!) as they journey through the Moroccan desert in a quest to win $150,000 and some cars. There will be camels and they are cranky. Morocco. Thirteen teams of three were driven in their […]

America’s Got Talent Review: For Polefessionals Only

The auditions on America’s Got Talent continued to hobble along last night, this time in New York City, where the freaks were out in full force. Just imagine how paranoid Howie must have really been paranoid about germs, as he emerged from a zorb. That was one of the highlights of an otherwise mediocre evening… […]

So You Think You Can Dance Review: Face-Punching Fun!

Following a shocking non-elimination last week, the pressure increased for the 20 remaining contestants last night. Along with Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy, Debbie Reynolds sat in on the So You Think You Can Dance panel. Unfortunately, she thought everything was amazing and wanted to bring all the dancers to her home for some unknown […]

America’s Got Talent Review: My Heart Will Go Yawn

America’s Got Talent remained Atlanta for night two of auditions yesterday, as the features of the best and some of the oddest of performers. Let’s go over the children, bands and cavalcade of dance crews that hit the stage… The Real Talent Hershae Chocolatae – With the robe and wig Hershae was donning, I was […]

‘Platinum Hit’ recap – ‘Rap Heroes’

[‘Platinum Hit’ – Season 1 Episode 3] The contestants wake up to a new challenge; Nick was still depressed that Karen was eliminated instead of Melissa. Jackie wanted to fight back from her appearance in the bottom three last week. The contestants arrived in the studio for their Hook Challenge. Jewel arrived in a leather […]

‘Next Food Network Star’ Recap: ‘Dueling Desserts’

[Next Food Network Star – Season 7 Episode 3] Chris woke up in hopes that the new day of challenges would be better for him. He tried to get everyone in his room excited but Justin B. wanted him to be quiet. After last week’s challenge, Penny was over even trying to make friends with […]

‘Platinum Hit’ Recap: ‘Dance Floor Royalty’

[Platinum Hit – Season 1 Episode 2] The contestants woke up and Johnny finally realized that this was a competition and people would start getting eliminated; Scotty was nervous getting so close to getting axed. All the contestants left their apartments and arrived at the studio. Jewel announced the theme this week would be dance […]

The Amazing Race Recap and Commentary S18E07

Sorry guys, busy weekend and another busy week. Here are both of my posts for TAR squished into one post: ‘The Amazing Race’ – “You Don’t Get Paid Unless You Win (Varanasi, India)” [‘The Amazing Race’ – Season 18 Episode 7] Kolkata, India. After being in first place last leg, Gary & Mallory had a […]

Dancing with the Stars – Week 3 Performances & Results

Sorry for the delays in all these links. It’s busy season… This week, the celebrities got to pick their own music so even the non-actors had the ability to channel their emotions. It probably gave the non-actor/musicians a small opportunity to match the level of the celebrities with the natural ability to emote. Interestingly, most […]

Dancing with the Stars Recap – Week 2 Results

After a recap show that showed what felt like four hours of footage could have been squished into one hour, the elimination episode began. I’ll admit that DANCING WITH THE STARS continues to have the same exact format for eliminations where there is a guest singer, some professional dances, random celeb/pro banter, and every two […]

Dancing with the Stars Recap – Week 2

With eliminations this week, the contestants tried their best to increase their scores and most of them got into a groove. Romeo stopped complaining about looking feminine and instead went the polar opposite, constantly flirting. Even Wendy managed to bring some personality out despite her obvious dancing difficulties. But I really dislike the fact that […]

The Amazing Race: The Episode Where Ron Just Wanted To Disco

I’d normally be really upset with a heavy product placement-based Amazing Race episode, especially those episodes where the Travelocity gnome was just carried around with no real purpose. This episode was an exception, not only did the India-China tea trade make sense; it created a deceptively easy Roadblock. The roadblock was not a pure needle […]

‘Undercover Boss’ Recap: ‘Synagro’

[Undercover Boss – Season 2 Episode 19] With 860 employees and 34 states, Synagro is America’s largest waste-treatment company. It is led by President and CEO Bill Massa. The company’s main goal is waste-water treatment (aka toilet water). Massa has been the president for only one year. Bill explains that they turn the waste water […]

‘The Amazing Race’ Recap: ‘I Feel Like a Monkey in a Circus Parade (Kolkata, India)’

[The Amazing Race – Season 18 Episode 6] The Racers started the leg in Kunming, China at the Green Lake Park. Their first clue was to go to a tea tasting at Jin Fu Yi Zhan and receive a brick of tea and their next clue. Jet discussed how the cowboys’ wives were taking care […]

America’s Next Top Model: Diary Stealing Fun

Wasn’t it really unfair that during the America’s Next Top Model CoverGirl challenge one of the teams was given the task of defining “Bold and Colorful Eyes” when the other two had “Night” and “Day?” There were several words that I would have accepted: “Sunday Brunch,” “9 to 5,” or even “Day/Formal” to counteract the […]

America’s Next Top Model: Here’s The Latest Rankings

Brittani Current Ranking: 1 Previous Ranking: 3 Although she didn’t get the first call-out by Tyra, Brittani has provided the most consistency of all the girls. Though I’m not a fan of her anti-Alexandria position, she still went through and modeled really well. Read the full article at RTVC!

‘Top Chef: All-Stars’ Recap – ‘Last Supper’

[Top Chef – Season 8 Episode 15] The chefs all talked about how hard Tiffany fought to be in the competition. Richard was not upset about Mike having a winning streak and continued to emphasize how he had so many wins. Antonia was a bit upset that Richard and Mike have already counted her out; […]

DANCING WITH THE STARS Season Premiere Recap

This season of Dancing with the Stars is missing something: the big tabloid/political figure that everyone would be talking about. Last season had Bristol Palin and seasons back it was Kate Gosselin causing all the drama. I have that feeling that Dancing with the Stars was really banking on Christine O’Donnell, but she backed out. […]

The Amazing Race: The Episode Where Ron Slams The Door On Christina

Don’t you hate it when the preview for The Amazing Race gives away plotlines? I would have been very surprised about Kent & Vyxsin’s successes if we didn’t see that clip where they were racing with Jamie & Cara towards the U-Turn when I was watching 60 Minutes. This episode made me miss the old […]

‘Undercover Boss’ Recap: ‘MGM Grand’

[Undercover Boss – Season 2 Episode 18] This episode followed MGM Grand COO and President Scott Sibella. He worked his way up from the Golden Nugget and was in charge of the Mirage until he got the president position he’s been in. He understood that there was such a large scale business that it would […]

‘The Amazing Race’ Recap: ‘Don’t Ruin the Basketball Game (Kunming, China)’

[The Amazing Race – Season 18 Episode 5] When we last left our teams, Kent & Vyxsin couldn’t find their fanny pack; the grey flashback reminded us that it was at the gondola. Phil checked in Zev & Justin at eighth place and the two read the clue to take a train back to Kunming […]

America’s Next Top Model: Jaclyn’s Booty Leads – Here’s The Rankings

Jaclyn Current Ranking: 1 Previous Ranking: 2 She has the charm and she pops her booty when Tyra tells her to. It’s the perfect combination: being nice helps Jaclyn get a very positive edit, but it also shows that she’s willing to do anything to win the competition. Jaclyn needs to continue progressing her walk, […]