Video Games (A)Live!

Two Fridays ago I dragged by fiance out to Schenectady to watch Video Games Live and I was happy to hear that it wasn’t just personal fanservice and that he appreciated it. I guess my biggest issue came in the fact that watching this performance made me realize that I’ve lacked a lot of inspiration […]

A Solo Halloween

I’m a guy that loves the creative aspect of life. Photoshopping pictures of myself. Creating “avant garde” dresses for Asians of different sizes and shapes. Singing and botching the words of a Demi Lovato song in front of my family and friends. Every few days I get to doodle on my hotel’s blackboard. One or […]

A rude awakening

I woke up this morning and realized that I’ve been going through the motions for the past month on auto-pilot. How was I doing that? This morning I got on my Wii Fit and it told me that I finally returned to a BMI of “normal” standing after a good year of being what they […]

The Capitol

I had an interview at the Capitol Building today and it was my first time inside. I’ve driven past it several times, most of the time not even realizing that it’s such an important place. As I walked in (and got past the metal detector) you could just feel the energy of the building. The […]


It’s a trouble to us all. Charlieissocoollike totally did a piece on it. I’m totally suffering from it right now. My apartment should be spotless by the time the calendar hits Thursday evening. At the moment, I think it’s gotten worse. How has it gotten worse? In my utter non-motivation, I have turned on the […]

What I have in my car

I spent a good hour yesterday trying to dig my car out. It wasn’t that it was several feet, but it was the fact that this weather pattern on Sunday was rain -> sleet -> snow. It was actually quite warm Sunday when I ran errands, but not the point. The biggest issue was getting […]

Random Statistics – Test One

Here are some musings from proctoring my first test. Of course I can’t talk about the test itself or any details of who or what. But here you go. Number of people drinking Red Bull: Three (two with the big can) – I’m not normally the type that would drink Red Bull right before a […]

The Sleepy Room

For about four days out of the week I get to sit in a cubical. It’s a glorified closet, something very new to me. The first week, one of the two halogen lights were out so one of my fellow Assistants filed a complaint and it magically was fixed within two days. It shocked us […]

The Loud Secretary

As a TA I’ve had to deal with my departments’ secretary for things like time sheets and letting me into the office. I was talking to our undergraduate assistant before class one day and she mentioned to me how you can hear the secretary’s voice booming down the corridor. I’ve never had problem with her […]

The winter parking equation

One of the biggest reasons I hate driving during the winter is not the fishtails but the parking lots. Once upon a time, back when it was warm there were lines on the asphalt. Today though there are only dug spaces. No one knows where exactly the lines actually are, but they all go through […]

The Frugal Life: Laundry

As everyone knows: Time=Money. At this point in my life I have more time and less money so I figured one way to cut my costs: Hand washing my laundry. Sounds tedious but it’s actually a combination of easy and somewhat rewarding. I understand that it’s only a little bit of money saved by not […]

The big 2011 goal

Excel Sheeeeet!

Top 30 Artists of 2010: 27 – Pink

Pink Total Points: 87 Charted Songs: “Raise Your Glass” – #14 I’m very happy that Pink is not only still prominent in the music industry, that she is pregnant. I really hope she does have a son so that she will actually name him Jameson. Who expected a music career like this from the girl […]

Backstage at Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Tim Gunn! I love you!

In a moment of safety

Sometimes you wanna hang a wreath on your door. Sometimes you don’t.

My Tweet Updates for 10/3 – 10/10

I’m not sure if I’m going to keep this idea going, but it was kinda fun recording this. And as a special treat for you website readers, my blooper reel. I’ve placed it as an unlisted video on Youtube, so only you special three (or four) can watch it!

The key to keeping young

Yesterday, Eric and I were looking at photos of one of my friends on Facebook. Eric turned to me and said, “Ya know? You’re aging well.” I thought to myself, “Wait. I’m aging?” What did this have to do with anything? Apparently…Caucasians age a bit differently according to him. Asians on the other hand tend […]

Here’s a quick YouTube Video

Last night the Emmy’s rocked. I was at the TV Squad live chat snarking away. But I was surprised how amazing the opening sequence was. Here it is below: Now I thought maybe, they’d get some NBC related people but the whole cast of characters ran the gamut from CW to (now) Lifetime. I guess […]

So how does it feel like losing to a six-year-old girl?

Well, apparently not too bad. This weekend I spent all Saturday at the Philippine Fiesta at their section known as “TFC’s Got Talent.” I was informed on Thursday that there would be seven performers and I was the first (randomly drawn) performer to go. They were actually looking for people like Acrobats or random instrument […]


I laughed hysterically when I saw this video on YouTube today: Then I kinda got sad. I realized my mother must be cooler than me, she already saw Inception. Hell, she even has a facebook account and chronically gets messages and tags. Tags! I don’t even get tagged anymore. I have no friends that tag […]

Monkey Bags

It seems like in the past few years I’ve seen more and more parents placing their children on some sort of safety harness. I continue to look and laugh at the idea of parents putting Monkey Bags on their children. Don’t get me wrong, I think putting wild children on leashes sounds like a good […]

Going Solar

A few weeks back I was hooked into buying another solar powered outdoor light. The big selling point of this was that it claimed to also be a mosquito/bug zapper. I ponied up the six dollars, plopped it in my backyard (ironically not into the ground, but in it’s own flower pot), switched it to […]

Florida Water

There is definitely something wrong about the water in Florida. Orlando specifically. I get that their water is run through filters and all, but they must be mixing in a heavy amount of fluorides and other chemicals. Every time that I’m down at the Disney area, I try my best to either have bottled water, […]


I stared at my rack of shoes, now displaced in my “office” and wondered to myself about how first impressions could be. I figure I was going to be rejected anyway so I grabbed the comfortable brown shoes with the scuffs on them. If I have to drive down to Jersey City, I’d rather not […]

Priority Seating

I’ve been an avid flier of JetBlue because two of my local airports have service to the Orlando region. I understand their business model, their website is very clean, and they have televisions that I can watch shows about plane disasters on the History Channel while in a plane. On my last trip to Florida, […]

Long time no blog…again

Inconsistant. That’s probably the best word to describe my blogging on my own personal site. That’s gotta suck a bit. I mean I’m sure there are people out there that look at this and go: well, I’m never going to look at this again. Whoops. I lost another reader. Well, I’ve been busy, like every […]


Today while I was ready to get some sort of post done, I had my laptop at an interesting angle: it caught every dust particle and finger print on my screen. Since I’m in Plattsburgh, I guess I’ll have to deal with the consequences. Traditionally, I don’t mind attacking any electronic based screen with a […]