Here you can find a list of most, if not all, of my articles I’ve written all over the internet. The internet is a big and scary place when nothing is organized eh? I’ve compiled most of my articles via three options: By Date, By Website, and By Show. I would highly suggest Show because it just seems cleaner in that fashion, but I know people out there and choice is always a good thing. I’ll admit that Date and Website aren’t as quickly updated as by show.

– Michael

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Articles by Show (Current)

The Amazing Race: U-Turned!America's Got Talent: ...but mostly singersAmerica's Next Top Model: Wanna be on top?Dancing with the Stars: Liiiiive! Glee: Best Recaps Ever! Project Runway: Make it WorkShark Tank: ViciousSo You Think You Can Dance: Hot Tamale Train!Survivor: ImmunityTop Chef: Hands Up, Utensils Down!

*Note: Spin-offs, like Top Chef: Just Desserts, may also be included in their parent page.

Articles by Show (Formerly Covered)

Expedition Impossible: Doable Next Food Network Star: Tasty, TastyGrey's Anatomy: SeriouslyPlatinum Hit: ClicheThe Sing Off: Insert snare hereSupernanny: Naughty Undercover Boss: Oh No!