Where I’ve Written

I have written for several different websites. I try my best to write with my full name, but sometimes you can find me by my nickname “Paz” since the world is filled with millions of “Michael”s in the world. No print publications yet…*sigh*.

Currently Writing At

The Hollywood Gossip – I write under the handle “Radio Blah Blah” and do reality show reviews. Snark is welcome here.

Give Me My Remote – Recaps and a bit of commentary for Dancing with the Stars.

Reality TV Calendar – Commentary/Rankings for America’s Next Top Model and The Amazing Race.

The Celebrity Cafe – I’m part of the longest entertainment publication on the internet (since 1995!) and is actually writing under my own name!

Blog Critics Magazine – This website is used to get a few opinions out and a few reviews. It’s a good way to get several topics covered; whether it be music, movies, television, or video games.

Formerly Wrote For

TV Squad – 2009-20011 – I cover the shows Dancing with the Stars and Grey’s Anatomy. I also do a weekly recap of reality shows and commentary on reality shows.

The Reality TV Shows Blog – 2008 – Blogged (under the name Paz) recaps, some recaplets, and some opinion/rants for several shows including America’s Next Top Model, Survivor, The Mole, and So You Think You Can Dance.

The Resale Games Blog – 2008 – Video Game Blogging, News updates and the like.

The New Paltz Asian Student Association – As 2007-2008’s President I had a lot of connection with a lot of the students there. I do some occasional commentary about Asian-American culture, heritage, and stereotypes.

Listed Below are examples of some Articles I have written. The links should pop up in a new window:


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