Graduation 2008

Graduation 2008

Born in the Bronx, Michael Pascua has always been a little bit of a dork: a fan of random television, singing karaoke, and reading comic books were the bee’s knees. He was his high school Salutatorian and attended SUNY New Paltz* where he received a B.A. in Communications: Media Management and a B.S. In Business: Marketing in 2008.

With a love for anything entertainment related and growing up in a Filipino-American family Michael has a very interesting viewpoint to life: Being alive is more fun than lying around dead. Money shows up and while some should be saved, a lot of it should be enjoyed before you die. People these days, they’re dieing of everything from the evil plastic monsters to mother nature rearing her head and vomiting hail and storms.

After learning Marketing and Communications, Michael is learning to market himself and communicate with others. Michael is a freelance writer. He is currently a features writer forThe Celebrity Cafe and from February 2009 to January 2011 a contributing writer for TV Squad.

Starting in September of 2010, Michael has gone back to school to get his masters in Political Communication at SUNY Albany. Hopefully he can use all of his communications and marketing knowledge for some good one day.

Michael is also an occasional singer and has performed with D’Executives in 2010. He also has performed for PAFNAG (The Philippine Air Force Navy Army Group Inactive Inc.) for more than 7 years and for the Kasimanwa Group Christmases. He was a semi-finalist at the Philippine Fiesta 2010 (at the Meadowlands Expo Center, NJ) losing to a little girl that sang “Tomorrow, Tomorrow” from Annie. Twenty-somethings can’t compete with that.

When he has free time Michael likes photography, scrapbooking, Disney, and making sure that his iTunes files are perfectly categorized. He also still responds to the nickname “Paz” more often than to Michael. One day, Michael wants to start “The Museum of Reality Television” so if you have anything reality TV related, please donate it to him.

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*That’s State University of New York, but acronyms are quite intriguing aren’t they?


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