2012 July 02

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Article’s I’ve Starred – How to Combat the Most Common Problems When Searching for a Job [By The Numbers]

You don’t need statistics to tell you that it’s not easy to find a job, but they’re around to reaffirm that unfortunate reality. With few opportunities, low salaries, and hardly any time to make a good impression, it can often seem hopeless. But just because the numbers may be against you, that doesn’t mean you […]

Article’s I’ve Starred – Anderson Cooper comes out: “I’m gay, always have been, always will be”

The Mole host–and CNN host, talk show host, and 60 Minutes contributor–Anderson Cooper has come out as gay. This isn’t a surprise, since this has been not just rumored but reported as fact for years, and he’s even vaguely joked about it with Ryan Seacrest. It’s mostly newsworthy only because he’s refused to discuss his […]

Article’s I’ve Starred – VLC for Android Beta Finally Arrives, Plays Almost Anything on Your Android Device [Video]

Android: If you’ve been waiting for news on an Android version of VLC, wait no longer. The media player finally launched an Android beta today, and it brings VLC’s trademark play-anything goodness, multi-track subtitle support, and even whole-library management tools to Android devices, but be warned: the developers make no bones about the fact that […]

Article’s I’ve Starred – OneHundredFreeBooks Serves Up Free Kindle EBooks Every Hour [Ebooks]

If you’re looking for some fresh summer reading material for your ereader or tablet, OneHundredFreeBooks delivers new ones to you every hour. Search for specific titles, sort by category, or sign up for the site’s email list to get notified when new, completely free Kindle ebooks are available to download, or when best sellers get […]