2012 June 07

Article’s I’ve Starred – Get Hired [Jobs]

So you’ve got a job interview in your near future. Congrats! Prepared as you may be to deliver all the right answers, sometimes it’s just good to get a sense of the rules. Having been through the horror of the job search process as both an applicant and as a recruiter, analyst Elisabeth Fosslien offers […]

Article’s I’ve Starred – So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 Episode 3 Recap: Atlanta Auditions

Hotlanta brought the heat as the dancers tried to match up to last season’s winner Melanie who auditioned here. (from TVLatest.com – The latest television news http://www.tvlatest.com/article/3207/So+You+Think+You+Can+Dance+Season+9+Episode+3+Recap%3A+Atlanta+Auditions?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Tvlatestcom-TheLatestTelevisionNews+%28TVLatest.com+-+The+latest+television+news%29)