2012 May 11

Article’s I’ve Starred – How to Choose the Best Chart for Your Data [Communication]

Numbers don’t lie, but a bad chart decision makes it extremely difficult to understand what those numbers mean. Before you put together another PowerPoint presentation, make sure your pick the right type of chart to clearly communicate the information you want to share. Here’s how. More » (from Lifehacker http://lifehacker.com/5909501/how-to-choose-the-best-chart-for-your-data)

Article’s I’ve Starred – Clean Up and Organize Your Music Library This Weekend [Weekendhacker]

So you’ve spent a lot of time discovering and downloading new music, but your library’s a mess. You’re still using the same player you used 5 years ago, the files are in 10 different places on your hard drive, and your metadata looks like a tornado hit it. Take some time this weekend to clean […]

Article’s I’ve Starred – Bullies For Life: The GOP’s Ongoing Game of Smear The Queer [America’s Screaming Conscience]

Yesterday the Washington Post reported that, when he attended prep school, Mitt Romney mocked and assaulted students suspected of being gay. Call me a cynic, but I expect more from America’s future sociopaths. When stories come out about non-consensual masturbation or the younger, feminine boys being expected to “do mouth stuff” on the seniors (“But […]