2012 May 08

Article’s I’ve Starred – Why You Should Still Apply to a Job Even If You Don’t Meet the Exact Job Requirements [Job Search]

Don’t let a job listing’s list of criteria intimidate you. The list of requirements are more a wish list for the ideal candidate and may not need to be taken so literally, advises the Daily Muse. Read between the lines and your application might still be successful. More » (from Lifehacker http://lifehacker.com/5908557/why-you-should-still-apply-to-a-job-even-if-you-dont-meet-the-exact-job-requirements)

Article’s I’ve Starred – Glee Recap: Prom-A-Saurus

It’s prom season again and while Quinn continued to vie for Prom Queen, is she holding a secret that could destroy her chances? (from TVLatest.com – The latest television news http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Tvlatestcom-TheLatestTelevisionNews/~3/7RTil9g_jEE/Glee+Recap%3A+Prom-A-Saurus)

Article’s I’ve Starred – Soothe Sore Throats by Eating a Few Marshmallows [Clever Uses]

If gargling whiskey or downing some mustard doesn’t sound like a pleasant way to ease your sore throat, you can get some relief just by popping a few marshmallows. More » (from Lifehacker http://lifehacker.com/5908656/soothe-sore-throats-by-eating-a-few-marshmallows)

I also realized I don’t think I have any photos of this dance because I was backstage… :( let’s hope that I find a few on my camera.

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Why is it that I only realized that there was a coat hook in the TA Office on the last day of classes?

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Article’s I’ve Starred – Eliminate Stage Fright with a Pre-game Checklist [Public Speaking]

The moments before you take the center stage for a presentation, interview, or performance are some of the hardest, emotionally wonky situations you’ll ever find yourself in. Just as it’s incredibly important to know what to do when you’re presenting, it’s just as important to know what to do beforehand. Here’s a checklist to help […]