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If you asked me a few months ago “Hey Paz, what’s the cheapest way of playing video games?” I would have said RedBox. Now I don’t necessarily disagree, but I found myself an even cheaper option.

The Library

Yeah, I have a bit of a misconception about Libraries. As a Bronx native, I remember the homeless people holding doors. The less disgruntled ones smuggling food into a quiet table, their body odor emanating. In Yonkers, it reeked of rubber because they replaced the padding and even after a good eight years, the smell never went away so the awning area was a bad greeting.

Long story short, after a suggestion from Mark, I went with him to the Library and watched him register for a card. I looked around a bit and found that next to the CDs were Video Games. I decided to register a few days later.

How can you beat free? My public library allows you to rent out a game for a week, no renewals. The redbox costs $2.77 a day. There are two big give and take issues. The biggest problem is that all the games were rated T or under. Luckily for me, I love childish games. I have no shame having Trophies for Harry Potter. My taste in games is really eclectic anyway. The second problem is that since the games are limited, they tend to be old. I have no real problem with that, but RedBox only has games that are new.

As a kid on a budget, I’ll take slightly outdated games. I mean, I had to wait for Fallout: New Vegas to drop down to about $15 before I jumped. Same for Final Fantasy 13. I found out later that FF13 was an available game, but I can’t finish that game in the week I was given. Either way, at least I have about 15-20 games I can play for trophies. For Free.


  • I have all the channels via cable and On Demand and I still spend more time using the TV to put me to sleep a problem caused by spending too many years traveling than Id ever spend actually watching anything..Most movies made are forgettable anyway. The problem with Blockbuster is it takes so long to get the movies games.

    SugelOctober 17, 2011

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