Winter Wonderland part deux!

Well, I guess I got what I wished for: snow. Yay! I spent part of the day shoveling, but it was a bit moot. I think another four inches of snow added itself to the shoveled area so I’m gonna have to go out and shovel yet again sometime before American Idol (heh).

I’m not complaining at all, on the contrary I love the snow and shoveling. I spent some time just walking around the neighborhood in a jacket I haven’t worn in years.

Apparently the last big snowstorm that hit my area was some time in 2006. It’s hard for me to gauge that because I was up in New Paltz where it seemed to have “bad snowstorms” all the time.

Either way, I have myself prepared. Candles, soup, and some other random food to eat. Mostly prunes…but yeah, I got water and stuff as well.

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