The underbelly of websites

Sometimes I have those days where I’m just trying to make sure that I have a properly functioning website. I mean, I do pay for this damn thing. Yes, I understand that there is only one photo album at the moment, the contact page is sparse, and the review table mysteriously disappeared when I updated the design. But, the big thing I finally fixed was the damn RSS feed. Now it actually works up-op. Thanks Feedburner for never telling me that Google ate you.

So now, Feedburner should be taking care of my problems with RSS. Maybe I can finally get past that one subscriber and have…dare I say… two?

(Click on that Continue Reading for a picture of Sailor Moon and a dumb story)

I remember days when I ran my little rinky-dinky Tripod website. I didn’t even know that Tripod still existed. Doing a quick Google search, I found the not-so original address. I say, “not-so” because I did try to move the site and the “new” address doesn’t work anymore. I remember the original website was basically an HTML table, the links on the left and content on the right. Back then the biggest problem that I had was that I sucked at HTML. I also thought that a lot of unnecessary crap was cool. Animated Gifs, MIDI files, long loading photos graced each and every page.

Sailor Hello!

Hello! Apparently my username still works...and I can access it

I just logged in and looked at the mess. Everything isn’t in folders, the files are just all out like dirty laundry. It looked like a ten year old made it. Then I looked at the year I placed on the website. 1998. Oh crap. It was when I was eleven. Wow, the internet is a funny thing isn’t it?

I’m thankful that I grew up and gained some taste. Granted, I used to have cool designs and stuff (well I thought I did) on Blogger. I turned making a crappy html website, to learning Photoshop and what colors matched each other. Luckily for me, I have a color-chart/thing that my old roommate Alex made for one of his classes. He didn’t need/want it afterwards and I decided to take it. It sits in my office and whenever I need to color match, whether it be HTML or scrapbooking, it’s behind me.

My how much the internet has changed after eleven years.

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