I didn’t get the memo

I walk every morning when there’s no thunderstorms, hail, earthquakes, snow, or I’m not at home. I often go out in my exercise clothes that match my skin tone, or on those really bad days, some horrible combination of colors. The colors range from reds, blacks, whites, maroons, and gold/yellows. Recently I added a few tinges of green to the lineup.

One day when I was walking I noticed that I was the only one ever wearing reds, maroons, and golds. To make it worse, everyone was wearing either pink/grey or blue/white. Well then. I stick out like a sore thumb, and not just the fact that I walk around listening to podcasts related to reality television and Disney.

Am I accidentally repping gang colors? Yeah, the kid who occasionally practices grapevines and can barely get up a flight of stairs is really going to be a hazard to anyone. No one ever says anything negative about what I wear. On the contrary, I think I’ve become one of the regulars and the people vaguely know who I am. The dogs now shrug me off. Maybe one day I’ll walk around with a dog and my stock will go up.

I’m probably not going to change my color scheme any time soon. The colors will change when I find all the shorts, muscle shirts, and other form of sleeveless shirts in the clearance section. Yay Kohl’s and Target clearance sections.

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