Credit where credit is due

I attempted to apply for a credit card and I got rejected. So I decided to go for a big named website and got instantly rejected. I’m now trying to go for a big named department-store. I was rejected for their actual credit card (associated with Visa/Mastercard/Discover/What have you) and am being under consideration for their less than $500 credit line.

I never had a real steady job. Yes, I get paid for my work writing articles for TV Squad. The unfortunate thing is that it’s not enough to even call it a part time job. The rest of my life is spent looking for other outlets for writing, reviewing music, and writing for other places on the internet (And blogging of course).

I was recently rejected by a website in the family (don’t worry I didn’t jump the shark and start writing about relationships; it was video game related) and I’m convinced that it’s because I have no credit. None.

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The fear kicked in: the lack of a credit line is preventing me from getting a job. The companies put in my social security number in their little database thing and there is nothing there. I didn’t pay for my college, it was all the parents. I have no debt. My writing instrument (this laptop in my now converted office downstairs) was a Christmas present. There is no credit line at all in my name. I’ve lived in my house for more than 12 years. I focused on my studies rather than getting a credit card and a job.

Then one more idea popped into my head. Eric explained to me how he got his credit card (which he used to purchase a Mac) before any economic turmoil kicked in. Maybe credit card companies are scared to go out on a limb and help me out because of the economy. Sometimes I wish I could tell them that the little money I do make would go and pay for the credit card, just for the sheer fact that I’m trying to have credit.

Sometimes I wonder what is in my personal record. Maybe there are school records. Diplomas. That one time I accidentally overdrafted on my checking account. I do know one thing. There’s no credit. And because there’s no credit, I can’t get a job. And because I don’t have a solid job, I can’t get credit. Thanks infinite loops.

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