Catching up on movies

So in one of my previous posts, I mentioned that I saw Night at the Museum 2. Well, it turns out that in a week’s span, I ended up watching three more movies: Up, Angels & Demons (which I keep instinctively try to type as “daemons”) and The Hangover. All three movies were actually good (reviews coming up soon), but this isn’t what this post is about.

I ended up going to three different movie theaters, two AMC Lowes, one United Artists (according to Fandango, it is actually owned by the Regal Entertainment Group), and the last owned by National Amusements. Three in New York, one in New Jersey. The quality level of all four movie theaters varied, but the biggest thing was that the prices of all four theaters were different. First I’m going to list off the prices:

  • Regal Entertainment – $11/adult (Night at the Museum 2)
  • National Amusements * – $14.75/adult (Up)
  • AMC Lowes (NY) – $11/adult (Angels & Demons)
  • AMC Lowes (NJ) $10/adult (The Hangover)

*Here’s the caveat, Eric & I saw Up in 3D, so the price was higher. The normal price for the “normal” seats are $10.75, but the “director hall” seats are $13.75.

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All of the prices represent non-matinee prices. My question is: why isn’t there a universal price for movies? I will admit that I would pay more for the National Amusements based theater because it is the newest, has the best seats, foldable arm rests, quality projection, and a Target downstairs so I can smuggle Raisinets. The quality level of the AMC in NY was sub-par, but the quality level in NJ was on par. Why did I pay an extra dollar for the NY one?

The Regal Entertainment Theater was one of those theaters that I grew up to. The quality level is low, the people that work there represent the phrase “equal opportunity employer,” and the previews and stuff before were of a lesser quality. That theater really has gone down the shitter. The place isn’t worth $11. It’s really an $8 theater.

Sometimes movie theaters are a weird thing to even think about. The real thought is: I’m going to watch a movie. You think about what time the movie is showing, maybe the possibility of getting the 3D version of the movie, maybe budget in food. How often does one think of quality of theater? Projection options? Do the seats have a tilting option? Do the seats smell like sex? I’m willing to pay for quality in every aspect.

Eric & I prefer the National Amusements theater for the reasons above. Their food is insanely priced, but I don’t worry too much because I joined their frequent flier stuff and just got free popcorn. (I felt like such a dumbass for not signing up for the AMC related one, because I could have racked up quite a number of points for two movies.)

It’s definitely the beginning of summer movie season, and there are at least three other movie theaters that I can take a look at. I also have the whole Tuesday free movie thing that I’ve never got to use (because of Dancing with the Stars), so we’ll have something to think about soon.

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