A Crisis of Conscience

It’s a little sad. Since Eric lost his job, he’s been in this weird rut that I can’t help with. I don’t really have anything positive left to say; that and I tend to have a degree of indifference to things. (It’s called being slightly narcissistic) The big problem with it is the fact that he’s starting to depress me. I don’t think he’s gone out of the area of my house for the past week. He’s gained bad sleeping hours, he’s too tired and lazy to go outside. Yesterday I went shopping (I bought Animal Crossing for the Wii), the day before I had to go to the bank and run errands and with both cases Eric was a no show. Today I went on my morning walk. I don’t exactly know why Eric was awake (bad sleeping habits), but he didn’t want to go. I will admit that the weather was beautiful, albeit the snow hasn’t fully melted and it was mostly ice when I was walking.

Getting to the point, Eric’s mood is getting me in this weird mood. As a writer, I have the time to sit and type for several websites. I can’t focus because he’s around. I tip-toe around, run errands for him, and cook meals that I don’t normally have to. To make it worse, I haven’t gotten those damn responses from several websites and it’s making me doubt myself. Even with the smart promo work that the SimAnimals Soundtrack is having, I can’t even bask in the coolness of having my name on a Wikipedia page. (Link)

I need to go back to morning walks, they help me a lot. With the weather getting better (and groundhogs biting mayors), my mood should be as well. I’m hoping the year of the Ox will help me out as well. I mean if the stars align well, I’m good with that. Eric also has to go home this week because one of his family cars has decided to have their transmission die on them.

Soon everything will iron out for me. I’ll get my weekly updates back on track. I hope…

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