A change in personality

I love taking random personality quizzes to see how accurate they are. One of my personal favorites is the whole Jung/Personality Type quizzes. They traditionally have 16 types based of off four letters (Extraverted/Introverted, Sensing/iNtuition, Thinking/Feeling, and Judging/Perceiving). I used to pride myself being INFJ (which is the rarest of the 16). I recently took the test again and got this:

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I’m now an INTJ (which they call a Strategist). I’ve moved from being Feeling to being a Thinker. Now granted, the break from Thinking vs Feeling is 53/47 (as is Intuitive vs. Sensing, but since that didn’t change, I’m not worrying), but I have this feeling that the move is apparently part of growing up.

Oh no, I’m growing up. I’m getting old.

Somewhere in my head, I’m changing. I’m using my head and not my passions. It’s odd though, I always considered myself a warm, open person so moving to Thinking which uses the words like “Firm” and “Impersonal” makes me feel almost dirty.

Maybe I need a test that takes like 150 questions to further shape the test. Any suggestions?

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