Still a Kid?

After finishing my review of that Hello Kitty Album, I’ve looked back at my database and tried to figure out what to review. Now since I’m new and a little nervous to take the big albums (or the fact that I’m slow and the vultures swoop in and take it before me) I’m picking albums that are in my range, but a little…well… kiddy. There are two lullabye albums and one from a famous trio of… squirrel-like rodents. Well that narrows it down.

Eric has often called me a kid, or stuck in a kid’s mentality, but I really think that I’m doing one thing that he can appreciate: something I like. Sure, the pay right now is non-existant as I try to grow credibility and a stronger portfolio, but hey I get free CDs and get to watch TV.  It’s weird I guess. I’m starting a little slower and behind a few steps. Damn me for not deciding to do some journalism-based classes.

I don’t know, but I will review bigger (i almost typed “better” but there is nothing wrong with the albums I currently get; they may not be as mainstream, but they are good) albums for Blog Critics sooner or later. I’m still looking for other sites to write for as well, music wise.

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